Olive Green Agate 16mm Round Beads,8pcs


Pink Agate Faceted Round 14mm, 8" long


Howlite Cross 32mm, 2pcs


Tibetan Black and White Eye Agate Beads, 12mmx30mm, 1 pc


Fire Agate Apple Green Faceted Round 12mm Beads, 8pcs


Onyx Cross, 20mmx15mm, 2pcs


4-Stand Howlite with Freshwater Pearl Necklace


Carnelian Leaf Necklace


16" long Smoky Quartz Tumbled Smooth Stick Beads 22mmx6mm


Cow Bone with Large Jade Handmade Knots Necklace


Smoky Quartz Fire Polished Faceted Teardrop 9mmx7mm, 6 pcs


Smoky Quartz Fire Polished Faceted Rondelle 10mmx8mm, 10 pcs


16" long (25pcs) Carnelian Round 16mm Beads, B grade


Smoky Quartz 10mm Round,16" long


8" long (50pcs) Blue Crystal Glass Faceted AB Rondelle 6mmx4mm


16" long (48 pieces) Carnelian Faceted Round 8mm Beads.


16" long Red Coral 3mm Round Beads


Cow Bone with Carved Black Jade RuYi Results Pendant Necklace


Hand Knots Jade Necklace


Black and White Natural Shell Pendant 30mmx40mm, 1pcs


Green Half Coated Glass Rondelle Beads, 6mmx4mm, 50pcs


Onyx Faceted Round 4mm, 8" long, 49 pcs


Cow Bone and Carnelian Necklace


White Shell Teardrop Shape 35mmx25mm


Carrie Gems

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